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Our Team

Nika Gigolashvili

Web Development Manager

Nika is an experienced web developer, specializing in back end development.  He has worked at a major internet and telecommunications provider in Georgia as a back end developer. Nika has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Caucasus University, and is studying cryptography while preparing his masters. Nika programs in PHP and Python, and is highly certified in Python.

Carlos Maximiliano Cano

Digital Marketing Manager

Carlos has worked in several branches of Finance as a Marketing Strategist and Copywiter. He is also a published author, an enthusiast of blockchain technologies, and an English/Spanish translator. He co-founded the first blockchain business consultancy in Cyprus and regularly collaborates with crypto projects in Marketing.

Omar Najeeb

Web Development Assistant Manager

Omar is a bilingual web developer, with a strong background in media and communication.  Having worked as a TV host and presenter for a prominent Middle East TV station, Omar’s web development skills are supported by an astute understanding of social media management, and a profound comprehension of digitalized business operation; particularly in the GCC region. This unique skill set has made him an important asset to the company, as both Assistant Technical Manager and a GCC Digital Marketing specialist.

Alejandra Casanova

Head of Graphic Design

Alejandra has worked as a graphic designer with several SMEs developing their corporate identity, editing videos, and managing social media. She has also worked as an assistant director in Mexican film productions, a lettering artist and a digital illustrator.

Teona Mamulashvili

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Teona has a degree in Law, and over five years of management expertise in the retail, law and hospitality industries. She also has experience in sales, merchandising, office management, and social media.

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